Do you have a favourite actor or actress and want to know a bit more about them on a personal level? Perhaps you have just watched a great movie and wish to see what other work the director has done? Maybe you want to see what celebrities are doing on social media, but not sure which account is a specific celebrity Instagram account, you are looking for all celebrities birthdays? No matter what your reasoning is, Check Celebrity is a portal containing all the information you want to know about your favourite celebrities today.

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Personal Information

You see them in movies and on tv and connect with them better than you do with some people you meet in real life. However, how much do you actually know about your favorite celebrities? Well with Check Celebrity you can find out all the things you have been dying to know about your favorite actors or actresses, including:

  • Celebrity Age today and Birthday
  • Celebrity Height
  • Celebrity Family Tree
  • Current Relationship Status, Including Information On Celebrity Marriages and Divorces
  • Astrological Sign

Could you share a birthday with a celebrity today? Maybe you are both Scorpios? Perhaps you have a long-distance celebrity relation? There is only one way to find out, and that is with Check Celebrity.

Social Media Presence

Social Media has provided an insight into the celebrity lifestyle like never before. Social media has even been a platform for some people to become celebrities themselves, or influencers as they are known. The best way to see what your favorite star gets up to on a day to day basis is via their own celebrity social media profiles, whether a star’s Instagram or a celebrity’s Facebook page. The medium is less intrusive, as celebrities, or their social media managers at least, only share what they want you to see. Still, it is a great way to keep up with the gossip. Check Celebrity can help you find your favorite celebrities on social media platforms today, including:

  • Instagram profile
  • Facebook page
  • Twitter account
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube channel
  • Previous Works

So you have just finished watching a movie, and it’s the best movie you have ever seen. You attribute this to the work of the leading actress. You are now on a mission to watch other films she has been in, but where do you start? Well, CheckCelebrity is the perfect place to find out what previous work your favorite actor or actress has done. What movie helped their career take off? Which director and actor or actress work together regularly? Which genre of movies does your favorite celebrity stick to? Did they start out in film or on TV? You can also see which awards they have won, and for what. Which stars have managed to get their hands on the elusive Oscar? These are all questions that Check Celebrity can answer for you.

Financial Status

It’s no secret that celebrity status often comes hand in hand with a large sum of money. However, have you ever wondered what a paycheck looks like for a movie director? How about a movie star? Well, you can stop wondering about stars’ salaries, as Check Celebrity can tell you what you want to know. Through our database, you can find out the following financial information:

  1. Average Celebrity Salary
  2. Current Celebrity Net Worth
  3. Most Profitable Project For A Certain Celebrity
  4. Celebrity Charity Donations
  5. Primary Source Of Celebrity Income

Money makes the world go round, so it can be interesting to see which of your favorite celebrities have the most, along with an insight as to which project was the most profitable for them. Additionally, with CheckCelebrity, you can see how they are putting their hard-earned cash to use. Charity donations, real estate purchases, or a taste for expensive art are a few of the things famous people spend their money on.

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If you have questions about your favorite stars of film, TV, or music, then CheckCelebrity is the place to get them answered. Know all the celebrities birthdays. With our regularly updated database, you can find out all you need to know and more. Did you know Ellen DeGeneres is 61 years? How about the fact that a young Elijah Wood made his film debut in Back To The Future Part II? Did you know that George Clooney has been married twice? No? Well, this kind of information is just a click away here at CheckCelebrity.