Here’s How 10 Celebrities are keeping themselves busy during the Lockdowns

Like many people, the world’s top celebrities are staying safely at home amid the coronavirus outbreak. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced restaurants and clubs to close. Museums, theaters, and other cultural places are shut down. The cameras have stopped rolling, and many projects are being put on hold.

But life goes on even during self-isolation and quarantine. Many celebrities have been keen to share their experiences on social media during the lockdown. Some are tackling household DIY jobs or taking up a foreign language. Others have cultivated green thumbs and shared their workout routines. Let’s take a look at what these ten celebs been up to during the lockdowns. Some of the activities might surprise you or inspire you, so keep reading!

  1. The “Terminator” dining with his pony Whiskey and donkey Lulu

    Arnold Schwarzenegger, the legendary actor and a former California governor, is winning the internet during the coronavirus lockdown. He has reached out to his fans by sharing hilarious videos taken at his ranch in California. In one of the videos, Schwarzenegger is having a meal alongside his donkey Lulu and pony Whiskey. As he talks about the importance of staying in and avoiding public places, his pets enjoy carrots at the dining table. Arnie is very proud of his sense of humor. He has been very successful at his efforts to cheer people up and put a smile on their faces during this global pandemic. “We will get through this together”, is his message to all his fans.
  2. Shawn Mendes gushes about isolating with Camila Cabello
    This Canadian singer has been living in hotel rooms since he was 15. So, being at home and doing ordinary stuff has been really nice for him.

    Mendes has also been using isolation to learn a new skill. His girlfriend, Camila Cabello, is teaching him to speak Spanish. In return, Mendes has been giving Camila guitar lessons. What a great way to make the most of one’s time during the lockdown!
  3. Reese Witherspoon and her watercolor art talent
    Hollywood star Reese Witherspoon has been relatively productive during the lockdown. She has been using her Instagram to give her fans a sneak peek of what she’s been up to lately.  Reese is keeping herself fit by jumping rope. She is also taking up another artistic skill – painting.

    She captioned pictures of her practicing watercolor painting and coloring a plane with her son.

    Moreover, the “Big Little Lies” actress finally has time to read books, which is something she really enjoys. Did you know that Reese has a book club called @reesesbookclub on Instagram? Each month she picks up a book she loves with a woman at the center of the story.

    She sure has creative ideas about spending quality time at home during the lockdown. Which ones do you find most inspiring?
  4. 2014’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’, Chris Hemsworth, hits the beach
    The Thor star was enjoying spending more time with family during the Covid-19 lockdowns. Chris and his family took a camping holiday on the Australian coast. Chris, his wife and kids, and his brothers spent an “incredible few days” on the beach. They enjoyed watching the sunset, gathering around a campfire, surfing, and meeting local wildlife. It sounds like a dream vacation!
  5. Rihanna is busy saving the world!
    The Grammy award-winning pop star uses her time to do things that make her happy. For starters, Rihanna admits that she genuinely enjoys sitting in robes with no makeup. She also likes cooking and walking. Apart from little self-care, the ongoing pandemic has inspired her to think more creatively.

    Consequently, she launched her Fenty Skincare line, as well as her Savage x Fenty Show Vol. 2. On top of all these activities, Rihanna continues her philanthropy efforts through her charity organization, the Clara Lionel Foundation. She has donated $5 million to support the global fight against the pandemic.
  6. Justin Bieber transforms his house for “The Floor is Lava” challenge
    Sometimes, we could all use a little inspiration to stay entertained during the lockdown. Luckily, celebrities like the 26-year-old “Yummy” singer come to the rescue. Justin Bieber turned his house into an obstacle course and played the classic obstacle game, “The Floor Is Lava”. He was leaping onto chairs, couches, and tables to avoid touching the ground. To make it down a hallway, he was using two skateboards and two rollers. We could all take a cue from Justin’s attempt and get active.
  7. Gwen Stefani’s fruitful lockdown activities with Blake Shelton
    Gwen Stefani has used her time in quarantine to do a lot of fun stuff. The singer-songwriter shared few special moments with boyfriend Blake Shelton and her children during the lockdown. She did a lot of cooking and became a sourdough bread expert. She is also proud of the zinnia flowers that bring color to her newly built garden. And, with many peach trees on their Oklahoma ranch, they decided to make peach jam. Sounds fun and useful, doesn’t it?
  8. Flamenco singer Rosalía throws a karaoke party
    Rosalía knows how to keep herself entertained during the lockdowns. The 26-year-old singer had a one-woman karaoke party and took it to Instagram. She sang the greatest hits by Beyoncé, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, etc. She used a water bottle and lotion as her microphone. What a fantastic show!
  9. The Latin diva J-Lo shares her HIT workout plan
    It goes without saying that working out is a big part of J-Lo’s life. The Hustlers star has an intense exercise regimen, and we all see the results.  Now we have a glimpse of how she is keeping fit during the lockdown. With the help of her fiancé Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer has come up with a 20-minute workout that includes five exercises:
    Exercise 1: a 400m run
    Exercise 2: 15 kettlebell swings
    Exercise 3: 10 push-ups
    Exercise 4: 15 overhead shoulder presses
    Exercise 5: 15 bent-over rows
    Rodriguez shared the morning workout video on Instagram. He also noted that we could use bottles of detergent in place of kettlebells. Lack of equipment isn’t an excuse for not exercising, isn’t that right?
  10. Pink has come up with a new sport and we are loving it!
    Like most other celebrities, Pink has been using her Instagram account to show how she spends time at home. She has shared videos of making ravioli, performing a concert, and exercising. She has also shared a useful suggestion to help parents plan a day for their kids stuck at home. Her hilarious admission that she is making drinking a sport is something relatable to many of us at home!