10 Celebrity Scandals That Shocked the World

We all love a celebrity scandal. If something scandalous in the world of celebs happens, it usually jumps to the top of our daily gossip. Luckily for us, there is always something happening in the world of Hollywood, and these ten celebrity scandals are some that stood out over the years.

The Ellen Degeneres Scandal

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Ellen has always held the spot of being a funny and friendly talk show host and comedian. That isn’t an opinion shared by all, but it is the general consensus. And then, in 2020, the rumors started appearing. Some were saying that the show host did not treat her employees all that well.  Two reports came to light in July of the same year showing that working on the show was pretty awful. The reports showed that employees were sexually harassed and treated rudely. This prompted a closer look at past footage from the show, which showed that Ellen is not all that funny and actually right out cruel to some of her guests.

Prince Andrews Friends

You most likely know all about Jeffrey Epstein, who died back in 2019. He was a convicted sexual predator and probably didn’t kill himself. This time attention is on his friend, Prince Andrew of the British Royal Family. The Queen’s son. Prince Andrew was spotted at Epstein’s Manhattan home and was the brunt of accusations that he slept with a 17-year-old. He had a chance to clear his name in a BBC interview, and it went badly for him. Andrew is no longer a working royal, and the Queen is most likely hoping everyone will forget about him.

Harry and Meghan Stepping Down

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While Prince Andrew is not a sad loss for the royal family, Harry and Meghan were. The U.K. media were constantly digging dirt up on Meghan, and there were rumors of struggles in the family due to the relationship. Harry may have been too young to see what it did to his mother, but he definitely felt the end result. He wasn’t prepared for his wife to go through the same. They both stepped down from their royal duties, and we only hope the best for them.

T.Is Daughters Hymen

Source: NYpost

For those that don’t know, T.I is an American Rapper with a few Billboard hits under his belt. He also checks his teenage daughter’s hymen every year. After her birthday party, he books her in for an appointment to make sure her hymen is still intact. The checks started after she turned 16. He revealed this questionable tradition on the “Ladies Like Us” podcast, and, as you can guess, his fans weren’t best pleased.

Liam Neeson’s Racist Hunt

Source: CNN

Liam was on a press tour for his then-upcoming movie “Cold Pursuit.” In the movie, Liam’s character’s son is killed, so Liam goes on a hunt in search of retribution. He was asked how his character turned to anger, which is when Liam got into his story. Things didn’t go well from there. He shared how a black man raped his friend, but she could not give any more details. He got angry, and he went out and looked for any excuse to kill a black man, with his hunt lasting for about a week. Liam went on to say how he deeply regretted his actions. Some were appalled by what he said, whilst others though still shocked, accepted that he knew what he did was wrong and became a better person from it. That is for you to decide.

Miley Cyrus Twerking

Source: BBC

Ah twerking, a popular dance from the 1980s, made famous by the Hannah Montana star once again. It was August 2013. Robin Thicke was performing “We Can’t Stop” and “Blurred Lines.” Miley was twerking and backed up into Robin wearing a nude color bikini and an oversized foam finger. The internet went into a meltdown.

North Korea Attacks Sony

“The Interview” was a comedy where Seth Rogan and James Franco made fun of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un. At around the same time, Sony was hacked. Many embarrassing emails were released that saw some major players in the industry sacked, including Sony chief Amy Pascal. Her emails got out, and the content included some racists comments, and that was that. Due to the timing, many, including U.S officials, believed North Korea was responsible. That is speculation with no real evidence to support it.

Donald Trump’s Famous Interview

Joe Biden will be president, and Donald Trump will become old news. But how did Trump ever get the position with such an interview floating around? We will never know, but for those that hated him, they had one more reason to do so. What did he say? “When you’re a star, you can grab them by the p**sy.” Joking about sexual assault is never a good way to start a presidency. Billy Bush, the interviewer, was fired for his part, which baffles the mind.

Lance Armstrong Doping Allegations

Source: Wikipedia

Lance Armstrong was a hero to all. He fought cancer, and he won the Tour de France multiple times. His extraordinary feats raised questions, which led to allegations of doping. He decided in 2013, on Oprah, that it was time to come clean. He lost all Tour de France titles and his Olympic Medal. He was also banned from the UCI, a governing body in the world of cycling.

Michael Jackson’s Death

The King of Pop died back in 2009. His death was a scandal in itself. The death was ruled as a homicide. Jackson’s personal doctor had been administering an anesthetic to help Michael deal with insomnia. Due to the lack of monitoring, the concoction of drugs led to Michael’s death and two years in prison for his doctor. With Michael’s death throwing him back into the limelight, previous allegations of child molestation came back to the surface. These allegations have always been there but the HBO documentary “Leaving Neverland” explored the stories in more detail. The Jackson estate filed against the network.