Celebrities born in the month of September

Have you ever wondered if the connection between your family and friends born in September runs deeper than their birth month? The facts show that celebs who are born in the same month share common personality traits. September babies make no exception to that principle. If you want to know why they are some of the best people you know, here are the reasons.
They are Fast Learners
September-born people share a thirst for knowledge. They are disciplined and eager to learn new things and skills. That is why they often excel at school and the workplace. No task is too daunting for them. They will rigorously work toward achieving their goals and fulfilling the obligations they have taken upon themselves.
They are Ethical
One of the reasons celebrities born in September are so valuable to their families and communities is they don’t cut corners. They have a stern moral compass they follow to the letter. You can always go to them when you want to hear the truth. Don’t count on September babies to bend or break the rules. They are not having any of it.
They Like Sports
Probably it has something to do with their mothers receiving more sunlight during late-term pregnancy. Famous people born in September tend to stay more physically active than the average person. They cherish sports achievements, and it shows on the field. They are also natural team players. That makes them the perfect mate when you are just longing to crush the competition in a friendly game of football or baseball, for example.
They are Set Up for Success
Due to their rigorous work ethic and hardworking personalities, celeb-people born in September find success in life. They do not shy away from a challenge. Quite the contrary – they are ready to pull all the stops to achieve the results they want. It’s not about natural talent. It’s all about hard work. Ask anyone who knows about these things. Hard work always wins. It is no wonder your friends born in September are more likely to share a birthday with A-List celebrities and other successful people. They are, after all, cut from the same cloth.

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