Celebrities born in the month of May

May is the favorite month of many. It is the height of spring when everything is blooming. The colors are bright, the air is filled with aroma, and the weather is warm. May comes with the promises of the coming summer. The celebrity people who were born in that month uniquely embody the spirit of May. Their common personality traits make them people whom you want to be around you.
They Are Colorful and Diverse
At first glance, May's babies are all over the place. Many of them feel attracted to the truly beautiful things in life. Harmony is their forte, and because of that, they tend to be organized and orderly. There are others, however, who are eclectic to the point of chaos. They like adventure and are great communicators. It seems that the differences are dictated by the exact time of the month during which they have a birthday. The stars who are born at the beginning of May are the ones who gravitate toward order. The chatterboxes who are always looking for the next adventure happen to be born in the latter half of the month.
May Babies Look On the Bright Side of Life
The feeling of optimism never leaves people born in May. They have a more positive outlook on life than most of us. If you think about your friends who were born in May, you will notice something interesting. They are the celebs who more often than not will tell you every down is a prelude to an upward movement. May babies are the people you want around you when you are going through a tough time. They will give you the strength to power through the challenges and reap the benefits of these efforts. That doesn’t mean they aren’t fun to hang out with when things are easy.
They Are Not Afraid to Explore Various Career Options
Statistics show May babies find success in many fields. While people born in certain months tend to gravitate to certain professions, May babies follow their eclectic interests. They are spread almost evenly among both blue-collar and white-collar occupations. Which is another plus of being born in that month.

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