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Every month is different. It comes with varying weather, different holidays, and milestones everyone is looking up to. The same goes for the personalities of the celebrities who were born in it. Those who have a birthday in October share some traits that make them stand out from the rest of us. It makes them some of the best people to have around.
October People Are Charismatic
Charisma is not a common quality, but people born in October are rich in it. They attract those around them like magnets. In most cases, they have plenty of friends and acquaintances who love the positive vibes they emanate. October babies usually have high confidence levels, which makes them some of the most attractive individuals you can meet.
October Celebrities Are Romantic
October-borns love life. They possess some of the most romantic personalities you can come across. They have an easy time attracting partners because of that character trait. They are particularly good at the sweet talk, but these aren’t just empty words. When an October-born person tells you something romantic, you can rest assured they mean it.
October stars Are Emotionally Intelligent
October babies score high on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) tests. They demonstrate higher levels of empathy than the average person and it shows. They are deeply in touch with their own emotions, which helps them understand others better as well. That translates into better social skills. It’s one of the reasons people born in October have so many friends.
October Celebs Love Peace
They don’t run toward confrontation. If there is a peaceful resolution to a conflict, you can count on October people to opt for it. It’s a rare occurrence for people born in October to lose their temper. Only once in a blue moon will you hear them raise their voice. Because of their empathy, they can get along with anyone. What’s more, October babies know the true meaning of the expression “healthy disagreement”.
October People Are Great Hosts
They love communicating with people from all walks of life. In most cases, they consider their friends to be the greatest treasure on Earth. That’s why people born in October love playing the host. It’s not uncommon for them to organize the best parties in your social group. Their events aren’t just another social gathering but are filled with coziness, warm laughs, and peace.

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