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January babies receive celebration in our culture. People who are born in January have come to represent the hopes and dreams of the New Year. You might be surprised how many common traits persons who share a birthday between the 1st and 31st of January share.
Nothing Can Bother Them
Studies indicate that celebrities who are born in January genuinely are calmer and happier with the little things. January babies are less likely to suffer through mood swings as adults. On top of that, they know that they don’t have to sweat about the little discomforts in life.
They Enjoy Healthier Lives
Some people say the reduced exposure of mothers to sunlight during late-stage pregnancy is a disadvantage for January babies. Well, while lower doses of Vitamin D can be a problem, it might not be as big as one thinks. Other studies, including a prestigious one from the Columbia University, indicate people who are born in January aren’t prone to more diseases than others. What is more, there is evidence that points right to the contrary.
Sports Are Their Forte
Celebs born in January do better at sports in school. Maybe it is because they tend to be a little older than the other kids in their year. The fact remains that if you are born in the first month of the year, you are far more likely to have an impressive school sports career. That translates into an increased interest in athletic activities in later life. More sport means better overall physical condition. It comes with marked health and mental benefits.
Problem Solving Is Not a Problem
Famous People born in January seem to be natural creative thinkers. Problem-solving is a trait everyone knows can depend on them for at work and at home alike.
Top-Tier Positions
The January babies have success in their destiny. Proportionally, more people born in January go for the so-called “free trades” such as doctors or lawyers. They also fit without an issue into high-level management positions as a whole. It looks like if you meet a successful person, the odds are their birthday is within the first month of the year.

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